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Meet Dana Sednek.   

Dana helps leaders and teams solve complex problems that exist at the intersection of people and technology, with an approach that engages people at all levels of the organization, inspires innovation, and empowers lasting behavior change.

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Digital Transformation

Turn the Challenges of Digital Transformation into Opportunities.

Employee Experience

Create an Engaging and Connected Employee Experience.

Whole-Self Leadership

Learn to Bring Your Whole-Self to Your Organization.

Helping leaders accelerate positive change at the intersection of people and technology. 

Dana shows up as an ally, an advocate, a change maker and a permission giver who sparks clarity and momentum in others.

With extensive experience working with large enterprise tech, consulting, and education clients over the past 20 years, Dana has a track record of transforming companies at the intersection of people and technology using a process that is human-centered, inclusive, engaging, and sticky

It's hard to break away from established, comfortable ways of doing things. It's also not always intuitive and change is never easy. But Dana is here to show you your own power, possibility, and potential.
About Dana


Dana offers engagements in Digital Transformation, Employee Experience, and Whole-Self Leadership.

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She uses her 3C's approach to consulting, coaching, and support:


Dana works together with her clients to co-create solutions to complicated problems that exist at the intersection of people, processes, and technology with strategic advising, strategy creation, and solution design.   


Dana empowers connection across organizations and teams through engaging virtual and off-site experiences that help cultivate a culture of collaboration and learning.


Change is how you close the gap between learning and measurable outcomes, and Dana walks hand-in-hand with leaders and teams to implement the changes necessary to achieve true transformation.


Insights, Musings, & More

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All too often, the challenges of digital transformation lead to decision fatigue, the feeling of being “stuck,” and a massive fear of failure.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.
Dana empowers you to master the challenges at the intersection of people and technology using a process that is human-centered, inclusive, engaging, and sticky, so you can be the transformational leader you aspire to be.

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