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Hi! I'm Dana Sednek.

I'm here to show you your own power, possibility and potential. 

It’s hard to break away from established, comfortable ways of doing things. It’s not always intuitive, and change is never easy.

Let's work together to achieve empowering, sustainable transformation.

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About Dana

Dana Sednek enables organizations to rise to the challenges of hybrid / remote work.

As a strategic consultant, she partners with enterprise clients to solve the complex problems that exist at all levels of the organization, inspires innovation, and empowers lasting behavior change.

Dana has 20+ years of experience working with large enterprise consulting, tech, and education clients successfully transforming companies at the intersection of people and technology using a process that is human-centered, inclusive, engaging, and sticky. 

She has worked directly with thousands of leaders globally and has held roles such as Chief Analytics Officer, Head of Learning Enablement, Go-to-Market Strategist, and Global Collaboration Advisor. Her clients include Cisco, Intuit, MasterClass, Adobe, Harley-Davidson, United Airlines, and more. 

Her inclusive approach engages people at all levels of the organization, inspires innovation, and empowers lasting behavior change that scales.

In 2020, she designed, developed, pitched, and implemented a world-class learning technology stack that won a Brandon Hall Gold Award for “Best Advance in Learning Tech Implementation”.

Consequently, her knowledge of ed-tech, HR, business strategy, learning enablement, and scaled tech onboarding is nuanced and extensive. With a Master’s Degree in Organizational Conflict Resolution, she has the practiced ability to translate the language and challenges of HR and IT, because implementation and sustainable change management happens at the intersection of both.

She has been a featured speaker at national conferences such as HR Tech, and ATD International and has contributed to thought leadership in articles for Entrepreneur Magazine and HR Executive.  

In short, Dana shows her clients their own power, possibility, and potential.

Welcome to my (remote) office! 

Dana lives in Denver and works from her tiny-home backyard "shed-quarters" advising executives around the world on digital transformation, employee experience, and whole-self leadership