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 Dana Sednek

Helping leaders & teams accelerate positive change at the
intersection of people and technology. 
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Keynote Speaker:

Dana Sednek

Dana Sednek is a seasoned strategic consultant with 20+ years of experience guiding organizations through the challenges of hybrid work. With extensive experience partnering with enterprise clients, Dana drives innovation, fosters lasting behavior change, and navigates the intersection of people and technology.

Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco, Intuit, and Adobe, have benefited from Dana's inclusive approach and expertise in digital work. As a respected speaker and thought leader, Dana's insights have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and HR Executive. 

Dana empowers organizations, unlocking their potential in the dynamic landscape of hybrid work.

Transformative Takeaways:

What to Expect From Dana's Coaching

  • Liberate Your Vision: Break free from constraints. Dana empowers you to navigate the evolving work landscape with creativity and purpose.¬†


  • Forge Tangible Transformations: Dana bridges insights to action, ensuring measurable outcomes and real change in your approach to work.


  • Cultivate Digital Connections: Discover actionable insights beyond the screen, building authentic connections in the new era of remote and hybrid work with Dana.
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You can expect your team to begin to transform into...

  • High-Performance Collaborators: Your team will transform into a synergy of high-performance collaborators, harnessing individual strengths to achieve collective success.


  • Adaptive Innovators: Expect your team to evolve into adaptive innovators, navigating change with resilience and turning challenges into opportunities.


  • Unified Culture Architects: Dana's coaching will empower your team to become architects of a unified culture, fostering a shared vision and values that drive success.
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Keynote Speaker Subjects

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Digital & Hybrid Work

Change Leadership

Personal Branding

Empowering Organizations in Digital Work

Dive into Dana Sednek's dynamic speaking style and glean invaluable insights on navigating the complexities of hybrid work in today's evolving landscape.

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Michelle Baldwin

Creative Events Manager, Florence Crittenton Services 

I have always been frustrated with hybrid meetings and feel isolated when I am not in the office. I can't wait to share Dana’s tips with my team, we just implemented a hybrid schedule!

Nitin Gupta

CRO, Engageli

Dana’s presentation style is so engaging and informative. She worked with us to thoughtfully customize her keynote to our intended audience and nailed it.


Jon D. Williams

President, JDW Social Education Programs 

Dana's communication and presentation skills are formidable. As a consultant, she was an asset for our company and would be an asset for any organization seeking her services. As a speaker, she is awesome!

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With her expertise in guiding organizations through the challenges of hybrid work, Dana inspires innovation, fosters lasting behavior change, and empowers individuals and teams to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape. 

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